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June 5, 2015

Anderson Manufacturing Invests in Sorting and Inspection Technologies for Zero-Defect Automotive Parts

BRISTOL, WI — Anderson Manufacturing Company has invested in the most advanced inspection and sorting equipment available in the fastener industry. The company has added technologies as it produces precision automotive parts with a goal of zero defects PPM (parts per million). Anderson’s inspection results have been so accurate that other fastener and precision parts manufacturers run their products through its inspection machines and directly into their own containers.

Anderson Manufacturing was the first cold heading manufacturer to earn “Supplier of the Year” from one of its automotive customers in 2011. Especially notable are two technologies Anderson has added in-house:

LaserLab, a first-piece inspection system manufactured by General Inspection, Inc., offers real-time manufacturing process control with more precise and more frequent measurements than traditional, manual gauging techniques. LaserLab improves part quality, reduces scrap and lowers piece costs. It can accommodate parts up to 6 inches in length.

Mectron Sorter, manufactured by Mectron Engineering Co., provides 360-degree inspection of each piece, including part features and measurement. The system uses lasers to “see” part defects and helps determine where the manufacturing process varied from the part print. The Mectron Sorter handles parts up to 8” in length and .060” to 1.180” in diameter, with sorting rates up to 300 parts per minute. It also collects and saves data as needed.

“We have invested heavily in the most advanced sorting and inspection equipment available as we strive for a goal of zero defects,” said Tim Cash, Vice President, Anderson Manufacturing. “Our team approach relies on desire and commitment to help us continually reinvent our processes and procedures. Ultimately, we are the recommended choice for customers looking for highly complex fastener solutions.”

Anderson Manufacturing is a trusted supplier to automotive manufacturers, providing products such as complex cold formed terminals, pins, semi-tubular rivets, shoulder rivets, screws, contacts, threaded forming screws, self-tapping screws, clinch studs and anti-cross threaded product. The company also offers secondary operations including thread rolling, tapping, grinding, sorting and packaging, and value-added services such as cost reduction and manufacture ability reviews.

Founded in 1976, Anderson Manufacturing operates a 52,000-sqare-foot facility in Bristol, Wisconsin, where it runs two shifts daily. In addition to the automotive industry, Anderson provides engineered fasteners and components for the electronics, medical, furniture, battery, appliance, houseware and hardware industries.

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